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Please note that drawings are provided as examples and at a limited size.

Drawing sets may not be complete and any reproduction is prohibited.

Artifact Plinth and Support

Part of a touring exhibition, the plinth supports a five thousand pound, three thousand year old statue. The steel framed and MDF covered artifact plinth, with steel support column, was designed to be installed in two height configurations, depending on the specifications of various venues. This element was stamped by an engineer for structural and seismic engineering.

Fabricated by Cinnabar

Jewelry inspired archway at a conference

Steel framed flats with CNC routed plywood and carved foam skin. Designed to be installed quickly in the largest manageable pieces.

Fabricated by Crosstown Scenic

Tracking portal for a theatrical production

CNC routed plywood ribs with a minimal steel frame for rigging support. The bending plywood skin was CNC routed, incorporating the curve into the cut file.

Fabricated by Crosstown Scenic

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